Want to know more about Digital Radio?

Have a look at this website this ham operator has made a very simple and useful website to help you understand about digital modes.

Visit Toshen website here https://amateurradionotes.com/

As part of this new adventure into digital radio we have come up with some standard items that will help you start out this will mean we will be able to help each other out when you have a problem.



MD380 UHF – Very simple and easy to use radio and easy to program they start around $90 + USD

Available from Alliexpress or Ebay


AT-D878UV – Dual Band VHF / UHF / DMR Colour Screen $219.99 USD

AT-D868UV – Dual Band VHF / UHF / DMR GPS $178.99 USD

AT-D868UV – Dual Band VHF / UHF / DMR Non-GPS $159.99USD

Available from Powerwerx – Click here to Visit site


We recommend a simplex modem but you can get repeater models for low power.

You can find these on Alliexpress and Ebay or here at Winters CN website this person makes the MMDVM modems and they work very well.

Visit his website here

Raspberry Pi

You will need one of these to put your MMDVM on to. You will also require a 8GB Class 10 Micro SD Card to load Pi-Star onto.

If you have any questions either contact Warren ZL2JML or Hayden ZL2WD or the XLX Group NZ Team via email help@xlxreflectors.nz