ZL2KO Activity Contest 2019

This years activity contest is being held form Friday 16th August to Wednesday 21 August (Inclusive) from 7pm to 9pm
Freq beings used.
3.570khz LSB

1. All call signs must be in UPPER CASE
2. You may only work 1 station on the same frequency or repeater each hour i.e. you may work the same station on Rep 7125, Rep 665 and 3.570MHz in the same hour
3. Scores are calculated by adding the RX points of each contact
4. A random points RX will be select as a multiplier at the end of the contest to calculate the final score.
5. If you work the mystery station your RX points for that contact will be doubled The station will be provided after the contest – fill in the station in the yellow box on the Mystery Station Sheet
6. All spreadsheets and hard copy sheets must be given or sent to ZL2BILL or Warren ZL2JML (wcrawley@xtra.co.nz)


Br20 Activity Contest 2019 Log – Version PDF

Br20 Activity Contest 2019 Log – Version Excel

Br20 Activity Contest 2019 Log – Version Open Office