What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio is a hobby of exploring the limits of radio, electronics and digital technologies.  Once licensed, you’ll get a personal worldwide-unique call-sign and can operate (and build) radio equipment capable of international and space-based communication. Its both a social & technical hobby.


  • building and testing radio equipment and antennas (aerials)
  • international communication from your backyard – without the Internet or cell phones
  • blending tramping and off-grid radio stations, and competing in contests
  • chatting with amateurs on the International Space Station
  • blending Raspberry Pi / Arduino with radio to make digital voice gateways & other projects
  • a head-start for a career in electronics, communications and digital technologies
  • supporting your community by providing comms support for search-and-rescue (SAR), Civil Defence and Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC).

HamCram Course & Weekend: Saturday & Sunday—Sep 24/25, 2022

HamCram—obtaining an Amateur Radio Licence

Like driving, becoming licensed requires passing a technical competence test so the Manawatu Amateur Radio Club has organised HamCram – a tutorial course to help you pass. The course has weekly classes and concludes with a weekend spent with experienced tutors revising the workbook modules, to prepare for the multi-choice Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate exam on Sunday afternoon.

Do I need a technical background?

Definitely not. We’ve had people aged from 13 to 70+ and from wide variety of backgrounds successfully complete the course. The classes and the HamCram weekend will take you through everything you need to become licensed.

How do I enrol in the HamCram program?

You can Enrol Online, via the QR code or via the radio club website zl2ko.org.nz where you can download a PDF form and submit via email or post. Enrolments close 5th July 2022

What does it cost and what’s included?

The cost of the HamCram course is $150, with a big student discount. This includes the complete program, exam, a PDF Study Guide for you to download/print, and weekly classes.

The HamCram Weekend runs from 8.30am to 5pm on both days.  Included are:

  • teaching sessions by experienced tutors
  • the official amateur radio licence exam
  • a light lunch and morning & afternoon tea on both days

On passing, you’ll also receive

  • a worldwide-unique call-sign for use on the air (e.g. the club’s one is ZL2KO)
  • free membership of NZART (National Association) for 12 months (usually $115)
  • free membership of selected local NZART branches

Leading up to the weekend, there are weekly classes as detailed below. Ideally you’ll attend in person but they are available via Zoom too.

What happens once I pass the exam?

Once you’ve passed the exam, you will be eligible for issue of a call sign. This entitles you to operate on a restricted number of amateur bands until you have fifty logged on-air contacts.

Weekly Classes

Although not required to attend the HamCram weekend, we’ll have weekly classes 7pm – 9pm to cover the technical topics. Don’t be daunted:  if you can use a calculator, you’re good to go!

  • Tuesday Jul 12            Class 1                 Safety / Measurements / Electronics
  • Tuesday Jul 19            Class 2                 Resistance / Ohms Law / Power Law
  • Tuesday Jul 26            Class 3                 AC Theory / Semiconductors / Devices
  • Tuesday Aug 2            Class 4                 Meters / Harmonics / Review Ohms and Power Law
  • Tuesday Aug 9            Class 5                 Power supplies / decibels (dB)
  • Saturday Aug 13                Practical weekend workshop
  • Tuesday Aug 16          Class 6                 Transmitters 1& 2 
  • Tuesday Aug 23          Class 7                 Receivers 1 & 2
  • Tuesday Aug 30          Class 8                 Resonance / Transmissions Lines / Antennas
  • Tuesday Sep 6            Class 9                 Propagation / Interference / HF Station
  • Tuesday Sep 13          Class 10               Operating 1 & 2 / Digi modes
  • Tuesday Sep 20          Class 11               Recap
  • Saturday Sep 24 & Sunday Sep 25 – HamCram Weekend

There will also be two follow-up sessions on getting started and setting up your station.

Zoom: If you can’t attend in person, the weekly classes will also be available via Zoom.


Contact Giovanni ZL2GX – 021 514 111, Pete ZL2AUB – 06 354 7861 or email newham@zl2ko.org.nz

You Enrol On-line here https//tinyurl.com/hamcram2022PN 

Download the PDF Application form below