Sale is now over and we had a great turn out after 2 yrs. See photo’s below from the day. Thanks to Allan ZL2SKY for the photo’s.

HamCram 2022

Congratulations to all who passed the HamCram exam at the Branch 20 Manawatu clubrooms on the weekend of September 24th and 25th 2022

Today call-signs have been allocated:
Cooper ZL2ADK
Thomas ZL2RED
Matthew ZL2KDR
Alice ZL2AJW
Paul ZL4PK
Graham ZL2YG
Richard ZL2DRS
Benjamin ZL3NED/ZL2KX
Additionally, three who participated in the evening training sessions before the weekend and passed exams elsewhere.
Samit ZL1SRD
Jason ZL1JRW
I’m sure everyone will welcome you on to the air. Welcome to the hobby.

Below are images from the start of HamCram 2022.

Fox Hunt June 2022

On June 26th 2022 we had our second successful fox hunt on the railway land below are some pictures of the afternoon event. If you like to come along we every 4th Sunday down at the Railway Land opposite Tony’s Tyres servivce come along and join in the fun.

Mini Junk Sale 2022

It was a successful sale once again and thank you all who came it was great to see you all. Below are some pictures from the day.

Jock White Field Day 26-27th February 2022

It was a great weekend at the Jock White 2022 field day below are some pictures form the weekend

Below is video from the John Moyle Field Day 2022 from Redcliffe Radio Club in Brisbane, Australia. This is very similar to Jock White Field Day

Our current events coming up with ZL2KO

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