65 Totara Road, Awapuni, Palmerston North

Drive down towards the end of Totara Road, before you reach the last house on your left there is a signposted Right of Way with several community organisations on it.

Follow this drive past the MSRA rifle range (on your right) to the end where you will see our clubrooms on the left.

Key Contacts List

ZL2KO President
Al - ZL4QT (

ZL2KO Vice President
Hugh - ZL2BFB (

ZL2KO Secretary
Jason - ZL2JLA (

ZL2KO Treasurer
Ryan - ZL1RKW (

ZL2KO Club General Contact (
ZL2KO AREC Section Contact (
New Operator Queries (

ZL2KO AREC Section Leader
Darren - ZL2DAZ (
ZL2KO AREC Section Deputy Leader
Graeme - ZL2GZ (

ZL2KO Webmasters
Grant - ZL2XZ / Logan - ZL4LP (

CD Liaison Officer Cheryl - ZL2VCC
QSL Officer Warren - ZL2FE
Repeater Trustees Scott - ZL2FX / Lachlan - ZL2XD
Social Media Manager Allan - ZL2SKY

Committee Members

ZL2KO Committee (
Lachlan - ZL2XD
Pete - ZL2AUB
Bill - ZL2BILL
Jason - ZL2JLA
Damon - ZL1ELC
Giovanni - ZL2GX
Alice - ZL2AJW
Paul - ZL4PK
Grant - ZL2XZ
Logan - ZL4LP
Darren - ZL2DAZ
Graeme - ZL2GZ
Warren - ZL2FE
Ian - ZL2IAN

Please note that emails to the committee will also go to:
ZL2KO President
ZL2KO Vice President
ZL2KO Secretary
ZK2KO Treasurer
ZL2KO Club General Contact
ZL2KO AREC Section Leader & Deputy Leader
ZL2KO Webmasters

Need to contact the committee? Click here.