Activity Contest 2023

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new amateurs! This year’s contest is again pretty similar to previous ones.

The main difference is that instead of the 665 channel (Wharite repeater) we now have FM simplex on 146.475MHz.

I looked at the final multiplier (by the total number of 7’s and 2’s) in some past results and removed it from scoring. The multiplier doesn’t often change the outcome but it does exaggerate the distances between scores (so it’s hard to gain an advantage by giving 7’s and 2’s strategically).

We’ve changed 7’s and 2’s for 5’s and 8’s, for variety.

I’ve updated the award categories to provide opportunities for people with no HF, no 2m simplex, and no time.

You’ll also find an updated spreadsheet and paper log.

Let me know if you have and questions or clarifications, or if you want to volunteer to be the mystery station or to operate the ZL2KO callsign during the contest.

73 – Logan ZL4LP


The contest will run each night from Friday 6 October 2023 to Tuesday 10 October 2023 (inclusive). Each night there are two half-hour operating periods from 1930NZDT to 2000NZDT and from 2000NZDT to 2030NZDT.


You can make contacts on:

  • 3.570MHz LSB (club working HF frequency)
  • 147.125MHz FM + split (North Range Road repeater)
  • 146.475MHz FM Simplex (club working 2m frequency)


You can work each station once per channel per operating period (i.e. you could work ZL2KO on all three channels in the same half hour, and again the next half hour).

You have one sequence of numbers for the whole contest, which is used across all channels and operating periods. The sequence counts from 10 to 1 and then repeats. This sequence is pre-filled in the log sheet.

In an exchange you send your current sequence number (“points TX”) and receive your contact’s sequence number (“points RX”).

On the log sheet you record the time, contact’s callsign, points RX, and channel.


Your score is the sum of your points RX, plus some bonus cases:

  • Points RX are doubled when your points TX is 5 or 8.
  • Points RX are doubled when you work the mystery station.


Awards (certificates) are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the following categories:

  • Open: The highest total score
  • Best Two Channels: This category only counts your best two channels and excludes the top three open scorers. If you don’t have an HF rig or can’t make many simplex contacts, you could still receive an award here. Note: This category does not preclude you from working all three channels.
  • Best Operating Period: This category only counts your best single operating period. If you can’t operate every night during the contest, you could still receive an award here. Note: This category does not preclude you from working the whole contest.