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The Home of Amateur Radio in the Manawatu.
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Welcome to Amateur Radio

So you want to become a Amateur Radio Operator? Where do you start??

First you need to sit and pass your GURL (General User Radio Licence for Amateur Radio Operators). This licence allows you, by law, to operate any Amateur Radio Equipment. The theory test is made up of 60 questions form the question bank which are multi choice answers. Once you have 40 correct answers, you can apply for your Amateur Radio Licence and CallSign then you can operate on the air.
To get started head to the "Online Study Guide" to start your course. Once you think you are ready to sit your exam, we can organise an Examiner to put you through your exam and organise your call sign, once you have passed.

If you would like to know more then feel free to contact us at info@zl2ko.org.nz.

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M.A.R.S Subscriptions 2017/2018

The Manawatu Amateur Radio Club 2017/2018 Subscriptions are now due.
These will again be $40.00

Payment can be made using Internet banking to our Bank Account
(please include your call sign or name as a reference)

or posted to P.O Box 1718 Palmerston North or paid directly to the Treasurer

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