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M.A.R.S Subscriptions 2015/2016

The Manawatu Amateur Radio Club 2016/2017 Subscriptions are now due.
These will again be $40.00, and need to be payed before 30th Oct 2016

Payment can be made using Internet banking to our Bank Account
(please include your call sign or name as a reference)

or posted to P.O Box 1718 Palmerston North or paid directly to the Treasurer

Club Meetings

General Meeting
1st Wednesday of Month at 7:30pm

Committee Meeting
 2nd Wednesday of Month at 7:30pm

M.A.R.S 2016 Table Sale


ZL2KO Table Sale.

Yes it's that time of the year again to clean out the shack and get rid of that stuff the XYL has been complaining about..

8th October 2016

Longburn Hall, State Hwy 56, Longburn

Exhibitors Doors Open at 8am
General Public: Doors Open at 9am (Please note NEW Time)

Full Table: $25 until 1st Oct. $30 after 1st Oct
$15 Half Table until 1st Oct. $20 after 1st Oct


Check out zl2ko.org.nz for more details..

Payment can be made using Internet banking to our Bank Account
(please include your call sign or name as a reference)

or posted to P.O Box 1718 Palmerston North or paid directly to the Treasurer

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70th Reunion 2016

1. This Award will run from 1st to 15th October 2016.
2. This award is open to all amateurs.
3. Contacts may be made on any Amateur band including repeaters, and any mode.
a. A compulsory station ZL2AMS, will need to be worked and can be claimed as 5 points.
(not necessary for overseas participants.)
b. Other points will be as follows. A current member of Marton Branch 23 - 3 points.
c. A former member of Branch 23 (need roughly the years you were a member,) 2 points.

All these points are for initial contacts only. These stations may all be worked on separate days or on other bands and occasions and can count towards the award but will only be worth 1 point.

4. Total needed for the award in ZL, 20 points. Overseas 10 points.
5. A copy of your log to be sent before the 4th November 2016.

Paper logs and/or Electronic logs to be sent to either

The Award Custodian
ZL2ADK Cathy Purdie
65 Hedges Street, Sanson. 4817

Or email to purds@vodafone.co.nz

7. Logs must include your full name, date, time, call-sign, signals sent and received, frequency used, name of the operator, category of points to be claimed. (eg, compulsory station, previous Branch 23 member etc.) All logs to be signed. On Electronic logs the email address at the top of the message header will be counted as a signature.
8. All logs must be clear. No logs will be returned. The decision of the Awards Manager is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
9. There will be no charge for this award.


Who can be a Radio Amateur?

Just about anyone. Some are famous people such as Kings and Prime Ministers, but most are just people from all walks of life who like communicating. Young people find amateur radio a great training ground, older people find "hamming" an absorbing retirement hobby.

But amateur radio is more than a hobby, it is a service. Radio amateurs provide their equipment and their operating skills when the need arises such as for Civil Defence (CD) emergencies and Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (AREC) are a sub group of the New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART) that organise's emergency communications for the Emergency Services.

What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio, also affectionately known as "ham radio", is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating. In New Zealand hams are licensed by the Ministry of Economic Development (MED), Radio Spectrum Management (RSM). Once licensed, an amateur can operate two-way radio equipment from home, from vehicles and from anywhere in New Zealand -and in many cases when overseas too. Bands of radio frequencies in the radio frequency spectrum have been set aside for amateur radio use. An amateur can talk across town or around the world. The scope and possibilities are endless from sending TV pictures and operating through amateur radio satellites to just having a quiet chat with friends at a distance.

How do I become a Radio Amateur?

Getting a licence is not difficult - you just need the determination to do it..


Where do I get more information?

The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (Inc.) Join is a non-profit association of amateur radio Operators. NZART has clubs and instructors in most larger cities and towns throughout New Zealand. For more information on amateur radio and details of club and licensing courses near you, contact:

The General Secretary at NZART Headquarters at the e-mail address below:

e-mail nzart@nzart.org.nz

More information can be found at NZART website www.nzart.org.nz