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HamCram 2021

This year we are running our HamCram where you can gain your Amateur Radio Licence and join a our hobby and meet great people from all walks of life.

Below is information about the upcoming HamCram which starts in May 2021.

What is Amateur Radio and Beginners Classes 2021

Beginners Class and HamCram Calendar - 2021

HamCram Application 2021

North Range Road Repeater Hut

Recent working bee at our North Range Road Repeater Hut and this is the great team.

Well done all

Latest HF Sunday Roster is on-line via our calendar below or you can download a PDF version here to keep on file.

Updated March 7th 2021

Sunday Roster March to July 2021

Jock White Field Day 2021

Below is a slideshow of the recent Jock White Field Day 2021 it was great to see our members taking part in a great day and also a great social event.

Enjoy the slides.

Constructors Awards 2020

Below is a slideshow of the recent Constructors Awards 2020 it was great to see a great turn out and lots of interesting things being built in the shacks.

Enjoy the slides.

Local Nets and SOTA Information


2M FM - 145.5 (then move off when/if you get a call), 144.200
2M SSB - 144.3 (and again move)
6M SSB - 50.200 (and again move)
10m SSB – 28.360, 28.420, 28.470
12m SSB -24.940-24.990


15m SSB - 21.350
17m SSB – 18.130, 18.095, 18.155
20m. SSB 14.345 or 14.342-347 (14.285 QRP avoid if possible).
40m SSB - 7.090, 7.118 (QRP Frequency), 7.125, 7.185 (CW 7.032)
80m SSB – 3.690

Local Net List

Old Timers Net - 20:30 - 3.870Mhz
D-Star International Net - 1200(w) 1300(s) - REF001 C
Home Brew Net - 17:30 - 3.600 (around this freq)

Whangauni Branch 48 Net - 20:00 - 146.900 Repeater

Manawatu Branch 20 Net - 20:00 - 147.125 Repeater

Local Net List

Kings of the Round Table - 1200(w) 1300(s) - REF006 A

Manawatu Branch 20 HF Net - 09:00 - 3.570Mhz
America-Link Net - 1200(w) 1300(s) - Fusion Room 21080, FCS2-90, YFS