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Finally, Welcome to Manawatu Amateur Radio Soc NZART Branch 20

Up comming Events

Napier Amatuer Radio Club Hamfest 2018

NARC Proposed Programme 2018 HB Hamfest.

Date 7 April 2018

Venue Napier Aero Club, Watchman Road, (Napier Airport)

Cost $15-$20 for the whole day


0900 Opening and welcome, NARC President Dave ZL2MQ.

0910 Con Wassilief ZL2AFP, Lower Frequencies (below 630KHz) 50 min.

1000 Morning tea break, coffee, biscuits 15 min.

1015 Ray Harkness ZL2RAY, Lightning, static discharge, bonding and earthing 45 min.

1100 Don Wallace ZL2TLL, NZART Admin Liason Officer, International Amateur Radio 30 min.

1130 Dr Gary Hinson ZL2iFB, Logbook of the World 30 min.

1200 Dave Crook ZL2MQ, NARC Club Project, a high performance SWR & Power meter 30 min.

1230 Lunch Break, selection of hot and cold finger food, fruit, coffee, tea 60 min.

1330 Holger Hannemann ZL2IO, Station automation 30 min.

1400 Xenia Hanneman ZL4YL, CW Skimmer operation 30 min.

1430 Erroll Lilley ZL2IT, Radio Experiments 30 min.

1500 Dr Gary Hinson ZL2iFB, FT8 digital mode 60 min.

1600 Social hour(s), bar opens.

1800 Buffet dinner for those interested at the Napier RSA, numbers to be confirmed at 9 am intro.

2018 ZL Summer Sprint

I am pleased to announce that commencing on Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 8pm ZLs most popular (ok only) HF summer sprint series is back for another six weeks of Tuesday night operating mayhem. Lasting an hour in total, the first half hour is CW and the second SSB.

After an internal debate rivaling the recent coalition negotiations, we are going to go with 80m first this time around. Therefore the first three weeks are on 80m with the last three on 40m. The exchange remains the same i.e. signal report and outside temperature.

This a great opportunity for new licensees to rack up their 50 contacts on 80m before being let loose on the rest of the bands and for everyone else to show them how it is done or, if easier, the habits they need to avoid. Speaking of which this is also an excellent opportunity to practice not saying "my number to you is..." before Field Day at the end of February.

The details are here http://zl3x.com/zl-summer-sprints/

Mark ZL3AB

Jock White Field Day 2018

A wee reminder that Jock White Field day is coming up on Saturday
February 24 and Sunday February 25 2018.

So its time to make sure your favourite branch spot is organised and get
your team sorted.

Operating 1500 to 2400 Saturday and 0600 to 1500 Sunday

For full rules please see:

ZL2KO Meetings

General Meeting

Next General Meeting will be the 7th February 2018, 19:30 at the club rooms.

Next Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will be the 14th February 2018, 19:30 at the club rooms.
All are welcome.

Next Afternoon Meeting

The next afternoon meeting will be the 28th February 2018, 14:00 at the club rooms.
All are welcome.

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M.A.R.S Subscriptions 2017/2018

The Manawatu Amateur Radio Club 2017/2018 Subscriptions are now due.
These will again be $40.00

Payment can be made using Internet banking to our Bank Account
(please include your call sign or name as a reference)

or posted to P.O Box 1718 Palmerston North or paid directly to the Treasurer

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